Tiny Tim

For people who knew Stormin’ Norman, Tiny Tim is a smaller version lookalike!  His breeding is not identified in his passport but he has the appearance of a cob and has already proved himself to be an amazing boy!  Over the weekend of 31 October/1 November 2015 (only a matter of days after he was bought by David Whyte) he attended his first SY training weekend and excelled in each and every discipline!  Nothing seems to phase him.  He is certainly a horse to look out for! [In case anyone is worried – it isn’t a rose in David’s left ear, it is a Remembrance Day poppy!]


Cherokee is a 15.2 unusually naturally marked Irish Draught cross Standardbred, now 12 years old.

This horse has tried many different disciplines in the past including driving and polo but these never quite worked out due to his unique ability to coordinate his legs in fantastic combinations. With his career on a downward spiral Cherokee found his forte on the skill-at-arms field.

He now takes part in many riding club activities and has performed at the battle proms and many other skill-at-arms competitions and displays. Among his more quirky habits he has a passion for candy floss, orange ice-lollies, can make himself at home anywhere and simply loves to travel.

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One of the only ponies in the club, what Widget lacks in height, she more than makes up for with her huge character and copious amounts of mane!

She is a typical fat fluffy pony mare, with strong opinions and unique jumping style!

Having spent most of her years at the Ditchling Common Stud Riding School, she has learnt most of the cheeky ways of riding school ponies to avoid work and attempts to spend all her time eating!

Despite this, she is great fun to ride, and when out tentpegging, she clearly enjoys herself and is great fun to ride, even when the occasional squealing tantrum occurs!

You can see more of Widget in her own gallery


Liquorice is a 16hh black Irish Cob mare. Born in 1999 in Ireland, she has lived most of her life in Sussex. She has a lovely character, which makes her very easy to handle on the ground. When ridden, she will do anything for you within her capabilities – as long as you ask her politely and in a manner she approves of!

Liquorice has a varied career, for many years in the riding School at Ditchling Common Stud and, since the closure of DCS in 2013, in private ownership. Whilst she does not have an athletic build, she has proved to be successful in both the dressage and jumping arena at a local level. However, there is no doubt that Mounted Skill at Arms is her favourite job – she has taken part in numerous SAA competitions, displays and demonstrations across the UK and in Holland. Her impressive stature, combined with her gentle nature, make her a popular horse with all who meet her.


Liquorice has her own gallery of photos


Louis ( Lewesboy) is a 16.2 chestnut Irish Sports Horse. He is now 20years old.

Originally bought as a show jumper , he was never quite brave enough to make the grade.

He has taken part in many riding club activities including dressage at which he has done well in elementary tests. He has performed at many skill-at-arms competitions and displays, including Battle Prom displays, and re-enactments.


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Rosco is a 21 year old registered British Spotted Pony. He is a 14:1hh white and spotted gelding. He is a true saint of a pony, and has helped many children take their first competitive steps in Pony Club competitions.

He was introduced to Skill at Arms in 2014 when he first took part in the Battle Proms season. In 2015 he took part in an International Cavalry Skills competition in Germany and again took part in displays at Battle Proms concerts.  He has a calm temperament which means that he adapts very easily to whatever he has been asked to do.

Rosco is also broken to harness and was longlisted as a carriage pony for the British team with a disabled driver earlier in his career.

Rosco also takes part in Napoleonic battle re-enactments and attended the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo in Belgium in 2015. Rosco loves eating and has to be on a careful diet to ensure he doesn’t get too fat.

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Bugsy, owned by Helen, is a 18 year old registered Irish Draught Grey Gelding. Sired by Grosvenor Lad, he was brought to the UK from Ireland as a foal. At 16:3hh he is big for skill at arms, but in fact the Irish Draught was a breed that evolved to service the requirements of the British Army.

In 1914 the Irish Draught specification for a horse to be accepted into the studbook, required the horse to be able to take a soldier and all his field kit, ridden hard all day, Including at gallop. Roughly this meant being able to carry 21st all day.

Bugsy was new to skill at arms and had his first season being ridden at the Battle Proms in 2014 but he has been ridden at battle re-enactments and attended Waterloo in 2015. Bugsy has also had a very successful competition career – as an event horse, in affiliated dressage competitions and endurance rides.


Percy, owned by Helen, is a 9 year old ‘blue and white’ Irish Cob gelding. He is 15.1hh and came to the UK as a 4 year old. He is relatively inexperienced at skill at arms, but is very brave, and has taken part in a number of Napoleonic and first world war battle re-enactments.
He took part in the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo in June 2015 in Belgium. He was also in Belgium in 2014 as part of the commemorations of the Battle of Mons and the outbreak of the first world war. Percy’s international travels in May 2015 took in Germany where he took part in an International Cavalry Skills competition.

Through the summer he regularly takes part in the Battle Proms concerts here in the UK. And the rest of his time is spent hunting, team chasing, eventing and doing dressage. He is a very versatile little chap, who loves play and food, but hates being washed and kept clean.

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Oscar is owned by John Dudeney, is a 16.2hh, 19-year-old chestnut gelding Gelderlander. He was bought as a 4-year-old from that well-known Irish dealer based in Sussex – Donal Barnwell.

In his early years, Oscar was a BHS novice eventer. He was not a classic event horse but his long strides and big bold jump made up for that!

When John’s daughter went to university, Oscar was introduced to Mounted Skill-at-Arms. This he took to very well – despite his size. He has taken part in numerous International SAA competitions in the UK and Holland. In the Spring of 2015 he will be going to Germany to take part in the German Cavalry Championships in Gotha.

Oscar has also taken part in Skill-at-Arms demonstrations and the musical ride at Battle Proms concerts for many years under the umbrella of Crown & Empire.

In general, Oscar is a very gentle horse. However, he is not keen on being clipped, having his teeth done – or camels! He is very fond of carrots, apples and having his back rubbed!

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