Rosco is a 21 year old registered British Spotted Pony. He is a 14:1hh white and spotted gelding. He is a true saint of a pony, and has helped many children take their first competitive steps in Pony Club competitions.

He was introduced to Skill at Arms in 2014 when he first took part in the Battle Proms season. In 2015 he took part in an International Cavalry Skills competition in Germany and again took part in displays at Battle Proms concerts.  He has a calm temperament which means that he adapts very easily to whatever he has been asked to do.

Rosco is also broken to harness and was longlisted as a carriage pony for the British team with a disabled driver earlier in his career.

Rosco also takes part in Napoleonic battle re-enactments and attended the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo in Belgium in 2015. Rosco loves eating and has to be on a careful diet to ensure he doesn’t get too fat.

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