Festival of Horsemanship

Festival of Horsemanship – this was  a new Festival in 2014.  It was what the name implies – a Festival at which many aspects of horsemanship were on display.  There was a vast array of exhibitors, bodywork specialists, physiotherapists, behaviourists, trainers, coaches, etc. in attendance.  Members of Sussex Yeomanry (at the invitation of Crown  & Empire) put on a display of cavalry skills.  All exhibitors, demonstrators, etc. were on hand throughout the festival to answer visitors’ questions and spend quality discussion time with them.  In 2016 Sussex Yeomanry put on a display of cavalry skills at the Festival which was in a larger arena than was available to us in 2015. This enabled us to expand upon our previous display of cavalry skills and include a display of our tent pegging skills!

We very much look forward to being in attendance again in 2017.


All photos by LRG Photography