Percy, owned by Helen, is a 9 year old ‘blue and white’ Irish Cob gelding. He is 15.1hh and came to the UK as a 4 year old. He is relatively inexperienced at skill at arms, but is very brave, and has taken part in a number of Napoleonic and first world war battle re-enactments.
He took part in the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo in June 2015 in Belgium. He was also in Belgium in 2014 as part of the commemorations of the Battle of Mons and the outbreak of the first world war. Percy’s international travels in May 2015 took in Germany where he took part in an International Cavalry Skills competition.

Through the summer he regularly takes part in the Battle Proms concerts here in the UK. And the rest of his time is spent hunting, team chasing, eventing and doing dressage. He is a very versatile little chap, who loves play and food, but hates being washed and kept clean.

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