Three regiments of the Napoleonic period are represented, two of which are British (3rd/King’s Own Dragoons [heavy cavalry] and 18th Light Dragoons/Hussars [light cavalry]) and one of which is French (1st Chasseurs à Cheval). The 3rd Dragoons are of the Peninsular War period. The 18th Light Dragoons and the 1st Chasseurs à Cheval encompass the period from the Peninsular War through to Waterloo.

All uniforms and saddlery is of a very high standard, much of which has been made by John and Celia Norris of Solent Saddlery/The Cavalry Workshop.

We have a gallery showing some of skills we demonstrate together with a selection of our costumes, click here to have a look

Battle Proms

The Battle Proms are an exciting yet informal open air picnic concerts to which people take their own food and picnic equipment and create their own space in the auditorium. The concerts have been staged since 1997 and provide an evening of exceptional entertainment that encompasses sublime music, stunningly choreographed aerial displays, thunderous cannon fire, dramatic cavalry displays and fantastic fireworks. Sussex Yeomanry members have taken part in the cavalry displays (under the banner of Crown & Empire) for in excess of 12 years.