Our Background

Sussex Yeomanry is a specialist historical mounted skill-at-arms group that was formed in 2014/5 by Mr. John Dudeney [who is a BHSI (T)(SM)].  John was the proprietor of Ditchling Common Stud Riding School (DCS) near Burgess Hill in West Sussex for in excess of 30 years.

John started teaching the sport of Mounted Skill-at-Arms (SAA) in the UK over 25 years ago and has taught both civilians and members of the military.  He has also taught the sport in Holland (with the help of his wife Joyce) – to members of the Netherlands Tentpegging Association (NVBW).

John was first taught the sport of SAA by a Metropolitan Police Officer by the name of Bernie Barker, who is sadly now deceased.  Bernie was a proficient competitor in the sport and with his help John managed to persuade the military to allow civilians to compete at what – in the past – were military-only shows.

John – and a number of his clients at DCS – competed over the years in military-run SAA competitions in the UK – at Aldershot, Royal Windsor and the Royal Tournament at Melton Mowbray.  John also competed in the last two Royal Tournaments before it was moved to Melton Mowbray.  Additionally John, his wife and various of his clients competed against South Africans, both in South Africa and here in the UK.

During the period November 2009-June 2014 John was the President of Sussex Peggers Riding Club, a BHS British Riding club that was formed for the purpose of developing and promoting the sport of SAA.  During this time John organized/ran a large number of competitions and displays not only in Sussex but also nationally.  He was also instrumental in the set-up of a NVBW competition in Muiderberg, Holland which has been run on an annual basis.

On relinquishment of his Presidency of Sussex Peggers John decided – with the help of his wife – to form a group under the name of Sussex Yeomanry for the purpose, with the scaling down of the armed forces within the UK, of commemorating and keeping alive in people’s minds the existence of THE Sussex Yeomanry which was a yeomanry regiment of the British Army formed in 1794.

Currently the intention is for Sussex Yeomanry  to give mounted skill-at-arms demonstrations, be available to take part in any appropriate film work that may present itself and  generally develop and promote British cavalry skills from the early Napoleonic wars through to WW1, etc. – both nationally and in Europe.

All members of Sussex Yeomanry will have been – and will continue to be – taught British cavalry skills by John in the County of Sussex.

British cavalry skills were many and varied.  Potentially lethal weapons such as a lance, a sword, a pistol, etc. are used by members of Sussex Yeomanry for the purpose of ‘attacking’ targets that are intended to replicate the enemy – be it soldiers on the ground, soldiers on horseback, etc.

Correct drill and training is/will be undertaken by all members of Sussex Yeomanry which places a high level of importance on the safety of horse, rider, ground crew and spectator.

Sussex Yeomanry is always looking for potential venues within the UK and Europe at which to demonstrate their cavalry skills.

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