18th Light Dragoons/Hussars

The Group portrays the 18th from the Peninsula War where they were Light Dragoons through to the Battle of Waterloo by which time they had become Hussars.

The Regiment was formed in 1759 by the 6th Earl of Drogheda in Ireland.  In 1808 it was one of four Light Dragoon regiments converted to Hussars.

They served with distinction in the retreat to Corunna, having disembarked at Lisbon on 1st September 1808.  They clashed with the French Cavalry many times at Valladolid and Benevente.  The regiment had a reputation for looting and drinking.  ‘A’ Squadron of the 18th disgraced itself at Vitoria by looting the baggage rather than pursuing the French but the Regiment did well in the invasion of France, earning the Duke’s commendation for taking the bridge at Croix d’Orade.

On 16th June 1815 the 18th fought at Quatre Bras and on 18th June they fought at Waterloo.

1796 Pattern Light Cavalry SabreLight Dragoons were armed with the curved 1796-pattern light cavalry sabre.  This was a very well balanced and effective cutting and slashing sabre.  They were also armed with the short cavalry carbine of the period (referred to as the ‘Paget’ carbine) and pistols – the new land service pistol.


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