Rudi is owned by Joyce Dudeney, is a 16hh, 9-year-old grey Andalusian mare. She was bought as a 2-year-old from the Gazaro Stud and has proved to be a high-spirited challenge!

Rudi was backed by Joyce – with help from her husband John. Joyce is the only person ever to have ridden her – save for one occasion when, due to an unfortunate accident, Rudi slipped, fell onto Joyce and had to be ridden home by someone else.

When she was backed, Rudi could see absolutely no point in going forwards – at any pace! With much patience, love and gritted teeth however she has proved that she knows exactly what speed is all about and is a joy to own and ride.

Skill-at-Arms is a sport that Rudi had to be taught slowly but now thoroughly enjoys. Indeed, in 2013 she won the first club competition that she ever entered all classes for and she proved to be unflappable when first introduced to Battle Proms concerts in 2014 – with crowds in attendance that numbered in their thousands.

She is intelligent, inquisitive, mostly brave, sometimes frustrating, loving, opinionated and elegant in her movement – she also loves her food and anyone who cares to feed her carrots and/or apples!

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owned by Joyce Dudeney, is a 15.2hh, 18-year-old dark bay Andalusian/Connemara mare. Like Oscar, she was bought as a 4-year-old from the well-known Irish dealer based in Sussex – Donal Barnwell.

Willow’s full name is Wilful Willow – a name that she truly lives up to when taking part in Mounted Skill-at-Arms displays and competitions! To say that she is excitable is an understatement and speed is certainly not a problem for her!

Willow has taken part in numerous International SAA competitions in the UK and Holland. She has also taken part in Skill-at-Arms demonstrations and the musical ride at Battle Proms concerts for many years under the umbrella of Crown & Empire, at which events she has accompanied Oscar and acted as his ‘comfort blanket’ and dancing partner!

In general, Willow is a very gentle horse who has an excellent stable manner. She loves her food (carrots and mints in particular) and loves to be loved. On occasion, when being admired by members of the public at Battle Proms concerts over the years, she has almost fallen asleep.

Some of Willow’s photos